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Come learn from our trained wealth-building instructors

At this free wealth-building event, you will not only learn principles and strategies that can increase your understanding of today’s real estate markets, but also how to apply them in your own area. With the help of Drew and Danny’s trainers, you can be better prepared to invest and plan for your financial future.

Those attending our events are often surprised at how realistic and easy it can be to generate income and build wealth using real estate. Our teams can help you to see the power and potential present in these investments, and show you how to locate deals for your own professional portfolio.

Like any journey, your real estate experience begins with one simple step, and attending this live event is it! Register today and number yourself among those who are taking charge of their financial futures, and learning to use real estate as a means to generate supplemental income.

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About this event

Drew Levin and Danny Perkins have come together with a team of trainers and developed this live event to help you understand how you can engage in today’s markets and see results. At this live event you will learn how to make better investment decisions, and how you can succeed in any stage of the market.

At the event, you will find that our team is dedicated to helping you make the most of your real estate experience, and that they are here to help you every step of the way.

Register today and save your seat! We look forward to having you with us!

About Drew and Danny

Drew Levin and Danny Perkins are the hosts of the hit show Renovate to Rent, where they show viewers how they manage, renovate, and rent out their many investment properties. Together, Drew and Danny manage several homes, and are continually looking to build their investment portfolios! With their help, you can do the same!

Drew and Danny first met in college, and both have a lot to bring to the table. Drew acts as the real estate agent, and Danny as the contractor, so together they bring a well-rounded perspective as well as knowledge about how real estate works. With their help, you can learn how it is that you too can renovate homes and either rent, sell, or hold them for added value. Your investor experience begins today.

"It's been incredible, better than I thought it would be."
- Sharon Wade

"There's a load of information here."
- Michael Yalung

"A lot of the research that we've been doing is verified here, and I feel more comfortable doing it here. You have to come."
- Leslie Staggs

"It's really, really special."
- Mattias Lee

"If you want to change your life, you've gotta go. There’s no better way to explain it!"
- Lorena Toro

"If you have the opportunity, come and do it."
- Rich Flores

"If you just have the slightest, slightest interest in changing your life and you're frustrated where you're at, you must do this, you must!"
- Taina Carrero